Mistakes make magic.

Over time in this life I have stopped and started. I have struggled with the desire to reveal myself, versus hiding until conditions are perfect for the wonder that is me* to be revealed. However, even as those words flow from my brain through my fingers, I know that they are flawed. For, as shy as I may be…As fearful as I am about life and my writing, I know that I must persist. If nothing else,…

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cemi99 asked: I always say to myself "ı am gonna start a diet" but after 2 days ı find my sell eating chocolate cake! Please give me some good advice! :)


Make your own healthy chocolate cakes! I got you covered:

■ Chocolate Quinoa Cake
■ Chocolate Fondant made with avocado and whey protein
■ Bean Brownies
■ Chocolate Muffins made with hemp protein/flour
■ Microwave Chocolate Cake made with hemp protein/flour and flax seeds
■ Grain-free Chocolate Cake made with coconut flour


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Here’s to 2014.


I look back and think of what was, know in my heart what is, and look ahead…Knowing what I…

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Next summer.


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DISCLAIMER: I am not an expert on the Myers & Briggs model— I just enjoy Socionics, and I make these charts in hopes that others can abstractly think about the science of personality as it apply to fandoms they love. These typifications are highly subjective and unofficial.

Full-Sized Chart
Character Artwork by Makani
Take the MBTI Test
Other Fandom MBTI Charts

Reposting updated versions of all of these charts due to some copyright-related changes I had to make to them. Sorry to my followers for the self-reblogging spam!

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Marry someone who lets you have a bite of their brownie, even when you said you weren’t hungry. Marry someone who laughs at the same things you do. Marry someone who kisses your nose on a cold day. Marry someone who you can watch Disney movies with. Marry someone who is proud of you whether you earn £5 a week or £5,000 a week. Marry someone who you can tell everything to. Marry someone who isn’t afraid or embarrassed to hold your hand in public. Marry someone who lets you take over when decorating a cake. Marry someone who you can spend the day in Ikea with without feeling stressed. Marry someone who wraps you up inside their coat in the winter. Marry someone who accepts your fears and phobias. Marry someone who gives you butterflies every time you hear their key in the door. Marry someone who you don’t always have to shave your legs for. Marry someone who accepts you all day every day, even when you don’t look or feel your best. Marry someone who puts three sugars in your tea, despite telling them “just the two”. Marry someone who doesn’t judge you when you eat your body weight in cookies. Marry someone who doesn’t make you want to check your phone, because you know they will reply. Marry someone who waits with you to get on the train. Marry someone who understands that you need to be alone sometimes. Marry someone who gets on well with your parents and isn’t uptight about family events. Marry someone who calms you down when you get mad about stupid stuff, and never tells you it’s “only stupid stuff”. Marry someone who makes you want to be a better person. Marry someone who makes you laugh. Marry someone who you love. Marry your soulmate, your lover, your best friend.